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Tap Dance Auditions

Open Auditions


We’re looking for 5-8 dancers to join us for the Summer/Fall 2022 season! Must be advanced level, able to pick up choreography quickly with strong technique, musicality, and improvisation skills. Knowledge of the historic dances is a huge plus, but not required at this time.


Dancers will be asked to learn choreography as well as perform an improvised solo for a minimum of 16 bars. Plan to stay the entire time. Bring water and lots of personality.


Any questions, please reach out to Katie at

2020 Auditions

Please fill out the audition form prior to June 8th, even if you can not attend in person.

More Info...


The Connecticut Tap Collaborative (The CTC) is an improvisation-based Tap Dance company with roots in history and tradition. We aim to showcase Tap as music, as it is one of the only dance forms that can be heard. By creating new works from a rich vocabulary of historic dances and knowledge, we continue to keep the traditions and in-the-moment creative expression alive through jams, improvography, and valuable discussions of the various styles Tap represents.


Our company founders and members uphold the traditions by performing and teaching historic dances (see below), continuing their education by taking classes of varying levels, and exploring the creative process through improvisation and trading.


Together we create basic structures of performance pieces, and fill in with cannons, counter, and poly rhythms. All dancers are expected to improvise for a full chorus (32 bars), and adapt quickly to changes in choreography/ structure. We will always create a road map and videos for reference and hold additional rehearsals when necessary.


We pick up performances as they become available, so our schedule changes frequently. Whatever dancers are available to perform on a given day generally have the opportunity, which is why we ask for flexibility when it comes to working with us, as parts do change. 


Company members are expected to know the Shim Sham, as we end every performance with it. Knowledge of the BS Chorus is also helpful, but not necessary.


Other historic choreography we currently have/have had in our repertoire includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Coles Stroll (aka The Walkaround)

  • Doin’ the New Low Down

  • The Copasetic Soft Shoe

  • Buster Brown’s “Laura”

  • Pete Nugent’s “Breezin’”

  • Leon Collins’ “Routine 53”

As of 5.31.22 rehearsals will be at Stage Left Dance in Middletown, CT on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:30pm. The first hour will be improv class (open to the public, no experience necessary, $20), and company members are required to attend. The Company will rehearse after class from 8:30-9:30pm, with the cost being $35 per rehearsal, which includes the improv class fee. Additional workshops and classes may be available at additional costs, which are open to the public, and discounted for company members.

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