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Come dance with us!

We are looking for tap dancers for upcoming performances!

If you are 13+ with a strong technical background, good rhythm and musicality, and can pick up choreography quickly, come audition for our company!


We have a youth company (13-18) as well as an adult company (21+) with numerous performance opportunities throughout the year including guest performance spots, jams, workshops, and even our own show!


If you're looking for more tap in your life, you've found it! 


All the fine print


What we offer is an opportunity for those looking to enhance their performance and tap dance experience. We are not a dance studio and our company is designed to dig deeper into the history and traditions of tap dance. We teach historical choreography and focus on improvisation in addition to collaborating on new works with other dancers, companies, and musicians to be shown throughout the year. 

This time we are looking to fill some specific criteria:


We have a new collaboration called "Awakenings" that is set to premiere March 20th and we are looking for advanced tap dancers who can perform a piece with undertones of breaking away from societal expectations and awakening human consciousness. This piece is in conjunction with the Hartford Dance Collective and will be part of a 3 piece suite to be fully completed by 2021. Tap dancers need to be able to commit to a very personal performance experience which involves non-tap movement as well as choreography and improvisation. Experience in Contemporary is a plus, but not required.

We are also specifically looking to fill spots for a piece in The Ballet Theater Company show "Ode to Frank" on April 5th and need high school aged dancers who can tap in heels (or are willing to learn).

In general both companies perform together and there is never any pressure to perform. We encourage dancers to perform what they know and work on their own to learn any of the company material they wish to be a part of (there are videos to learn from). Some performances have age restrictions and some we invite the community to be a part of, but most of all we are out to have fun and show the world what tap dance is all about.

How to audition: Fill out the Google Form and show up on January 19th at Stage Left Dance in Middletown CT for a two hour rehearsal class with our company directors. You will learn snippets of various company repertoire so we can see your versatility as a dancer, and also have an opportunity to show off your skills in an improv circle. We will ask you to stay for a brief interview at the end of the class so we can get to know you better.


Submit a video audition: Fill out the Google Form and upload a video to YouTube (or similar platform) by the end of the day on January 19th showcasing you performing the following:


a) a paddle and roll exercise or the first 16 bars of Buster Brown's "Laura".

b) your favorite time step (preferably in a 3 & a break format).

c) 16-32 bars of you improvising to a metronome, silence, or live band. NO RECORDED MUSIC.

d) 32 bars of choreography. This can be your own, someone else's (please don't plagiarize, let us know who it belongs to), or part of any historic work other than the Shim Sham.

e) a brief description of your tap dance style and why you want to be part of our company.